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Our Story

Cinnemwin was founded by Prashi as a result of his love for cinnamon, an aromatic condiment and a  flavouring additive that is used in a wide variety of cuisines. Whether it be in traditional cuisine or in a cup of tea, Ceylon cinnamon has been part of his daily life whilst he was growing up in Sri Lanka. Prashi who is conscious of his physical and mental wellbeing, believed the vital role Ceylon Cinnamon played in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having been accustomed to “True Cinnamon” or Ceylon cinnamon no other forms of cinnamon was able to satisfy him during the past 11 years in Australia.

 Whilst on a short holiday in Sri Lanka where it all began, Prashi was introduced to the products of Cinnamon Legends by his mother who is well aware of her son’s craving for cinnamon. He was immediately amazed with the taste and its aroma. It was love at first taste! He was dazzled by the creativity and range of exclusive, cinnamon-infused luxuries infront of him. Prashi instantly made it his goal to introduce this range of value- added products made from this unique delightful spice to his now home Australia which would assist to improve peoples lifestyles. Cinnemwin is proud to be a vendor of Ceylon cinnamon and its value added products that have been produced using organic farming methods produced by Cinnamon Legends. Cinnamon Legends is a well reputed Ceylon cinnamon exporter globally. Products have been packaged under the certification of ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 22000, Organic USDA, EU and JAS.Here at Cinnemwin we believe that our rich Ceylon cinnamon is a gift from mother nature devoid from chemical additives that originate from the pristine island of Sri Lanka.

Cinnemwin seeks to improve customer lifestyles with our range of products that have been created with original Ceylon cinnamon.